Monday, November 13, 2006

Greetings from Shanghai!~

I lost my Fiery Bolero on the flight to Shanghai. Too much sleep on the plane makes me muddle heaaded and I kinda left it on the plane when I got off. Even though I realise it when I was collecting my baggage, but when I went to the lost and found counter of that carrier, they told me the cleaning crew didn't find any cardigan on my seat. What's lost in China can never be found again. *Sobs*

After that was 2 weeks of tour to Sichuan and Beijing. I wouldn't call it a tour cos all I remember was hours of endless bus rides and waking up at 6am in the morning. The 2 days we spent at Jiu Zai Gou was cold and some old folks in my tour group got altitude sickness, they were like puking and feeling giddy after we came down from the moutain. The scenery was great and no wonder it's a heaven for photographers.

Next stop was Beijing. The weather was still fine on the day we arrived, around 18 degrees celcius but two days later the blardy weather drop to ard 10 degrees plus the stoopid wind chill. I couldn't even feel my hands after 10 mins out in the open. Everyone in the tour group all can't stand the weather, all of them wanted to go back on the bus after a while of walking. Being my 2nd time in Beijing, I find it absolutely boring. Everything it's just damn big in Beijing, walking is just impossible. I just hate Beijing, the weather, the place.

Finally I'm back in Shanghai. A place where I can walk from point A to point B without dropping dead from boredom. If you've been to Beijing, you will know what I mean. I didn't buy much yarns this trip, too much wool this time of the year. And I got someone to bring me my Elann yarns from Canada, so the local wool pales in comparision. I will be going home this Saturday, see you guys back home in Singapore! Ciao!~


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cant wait to see the pictures.

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