Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lazy ole me

Geez. Didn't realise I didn't blog for so long. My Fiery Bolero is completed dunno how many weeks ago but I still haven't weave in the ends. I should kill myself for my laziness. On my needles now is the Lace and Bobble Jacket for my mum. I omitted the bobbles from the body cos the sight of bobbles on any adult garments makes me nauseous and giddy.

But I couldn't resist swatching the Cascade 220 for the Cambridge Jacket. I can't say I like this yarn but they do have a lot of nice colours. I like this colour, its gray with specks of blue and red on it.

As I was reading the pattern for the Cambridge Jacket, I thought my eyes was playing tricks on me. The gauge required by the pattern was 19.5 st per 10cm on 5.5mm needles but the ball band's gauge was 18 st per 10cm on 5mm needles. I quickly did a search whether this pattern comes with an errata or not. But after reading several blogs, I realise most people have to downsize to 4.5mm to get the gauge. *Heave a sigh of relief*

I guess the designer of this pattern must be a really tight knitter.


Blogger Kessa said...

Heya~ Do post about your FO~! Wanna see your fiery bolero. =) And that lace n bobbles project with no bobbles looks really good!

11:10 PM  

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