Saturday, September 23, 2006

Katia at Spotlight! Omigosh!

Even though only 5 of us turn up at the meetup today at Suntec Starbucks, it was still enjoyable. I've always like to see other people working on their WIPs. Jolin and Karyn were busy winding away when I arrived. Belinda and Lois was there too.

We stayed till about 5 before everybody started leaving. Since there was still sometime before my dinner time, I decided to stop at Spotlight and GD for some browsing. Look at all these pattern leaflets I got from Spotlight.

And you know what?? They carry Katia yarns too!!! I saw Arc En Ciel, Irina, Madison and Mississippi too. The yarns the pattern leaflet call for. And there was new stock of their 8 ply acrylic yarn, very nice colours!

After that I proceed to GD to browse the Rowan 39 and 40. I'm so tempted to get them but I only got limited budget, so in the end I walk out of the shop empty handed. This is the downside of not working, not able to buy what u want. On the other hand, would you rather be slogging to buy all the books and yarns, yet you have no time to use them at all? I rather choose the 1st option. Time is priceless, to be able to do what you want and when you want is really a luxury.


Blogger Kessa said...

Yes, time is precious. You bet. Wish I have more time!! >_< lol

9:44 AM  

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