Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Knitting hats for preemie babies

Just came back from a knitting and crochet class for preemie babies hats at a church in Bukit Timah. I met up with Karyn before we walked to Church of the Latter-Day Saint which is next to Alliance Francaise.

There was only a handful of people when we reached because we were early. But more people started coming as 7pm approached. We were shown samples of the knitted/crocheted hats from this huge paperbag full of hats. After that we can choose to knit or crochet the hats. I, of course chose to knit the hats. I think it will take me forever to crochet one. The yarns and patterns were provided by the kind ladies there. It's okie even with if you do not have the correct needle/hook size, they do provide that too. It's funny that only me and another lady were doing the knitting only, the rest of them were all crocheting away. Oh ya! there was 2 guys learning how to crochet too!!

This is what I did for the night with the yarn they provided. Maybe next time I will try to crochet one instead *chuckles* . If anyone out there is interested in this activity, please refer to KC


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