Friday, September 22, 2006

Glimpse of the Fiery

I've been getting lazier, don't knit as much and Blog as much. Gosh what happen to me?? I've been procrastinating on my Fiery Bolero cos of the short row ribbing on the neck. A kind soul gave me directions to this Short Row Experiment . Didn't know there was so many different methods of short rowing, the only one I know of is the one used in Ruffle Scarf in Scarf Style. I used the Japanese Short rows for my Fiery. Here's a peek,

I'm so happy that I finally got back on the tracks with my Fiery. Now I need to put in more time on my Drunken Arygle Vest. Alrighty! Back to the ribbing!!

PS: Am so excited about the meetup tomolo


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