Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pandan Leaf Cardigan

Actually this so-called Pandan Leaf Cardigan is Sirdar Pattern 8523. I decided to name it Pandan Leaf cos the colour so remind me of pandan cake everytime when I am knitting it and the leaf pattern on the sleeve also contribute to the dumb name I coined up for this cardigan.

I finished this cardigan ages ago but I only sew on the buttons like 1 hour ago cos I gotta hand it over to the future owner tomorrow. I don't even have enough time to try the buttonhole stitch to reinforce the buttonhole. What a waste! I promise not to procrastinate the next time round *cross my fingers*. Here she is .....

Pattern: Sirdar Pattern 8523
Yarn : Sirdar Breeze ( 4 balls for 38" bust )
Needle Size : 4mm and 3.3mm for ribbing

My cambridge jacket is only up to the left front and I'm gonna bring it along on my trip. It's pretty dumb to bring along a garment to knit but I don't know how to knit a sock yet. And it's a pretty long trip......4 weeks. I jus hope I don't balloon into a fatso after I come back. Dun miss me too much and I will try to post pics of the beautiful Jiu Zai Gou, cute pandas, majestic Great Wall and Forbidden Palace for all of you.


Blogger Kessa said...

Pandan Cake.. mmm.. =P Btw, is the yarn u're using for Cambridge project from Bendigo? Anticipating more FOs! =D

3:48 PM  
Blogger Cara said...

Wow, it'll be at least 4 weeks to get to see those pictures.

Too bad i never get to see all your projects in real.

2:05 PM  

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