Monday, December 24, 2007

Xmas 2007

We spent 11 days in Taiwan but we didn't just stay in Taipei. We visited the Taroko Gorge in 花莲 and we used 台中 as a jumping board to visit 日月潭 and 阿里山. The trip to Alishan was horrible, we spent 8 hrs on the bus going to and forth but we only get to spend 2 hrs in the mountain. The guide told us spending a nite in the mountain would be the best as we can catch the sunrise the next morning. Sun Moon Lake was pretty and you can actually rent those little huts along the shore to stay. Hualian is more kampung than Taichung, less tall buildings, cleaner air. Totally different from Taipei and Taichung.

When we came backz to Taipei, we visited 九份 and 野柳. Jiu Fen has a gorgeous view overlooking the sea cos it's suitated on a hill and Ye liu is well know for its rock formations, something like the Pinacles in Perth. We also visited 故宫博物院, that place is huge. I think you need an entire day to finish all the exhibits, in the end my legs were too tired to press on but I managed to see the 3 most important exhibits there.

We visited Taipei 101 for a short while after the museum, all the branded shops there. I would describe it as Takashimiya + Paragon all roll into one. Then the guide dumped us at 西门町 at night. It was pretty crowded probably cos it was a Saturday. I tried the famous 阿忠面线,very nice!~ But I didn't like shopping there at all, I feel that the things in the shops were overpriced compare to 仕林夜市 and 五分埔.

The tour didn't include 淡水 as part of the itinery so we visited there during our extension. That place is just so pretty and taking a walk down the river feels so refreshing and there was lotsa snacks stall as well. I also went for the ferris wheel ride at Miramar. Those of you out there who have been watching Taiwan idol drama would know what I'm taking about.

And the 猫空缆车, it's a relatively new attraction. Hordes of people go to MaoKong during summer for tea drinking and the temples, this jams up the roads going up the hill. So they build this Gondola to ease the problem. One way ride takes about 25 mins, much longer than the Genting ride. I went there at the wrong time as it was windy and cold up there but it was a nice experience drinking tea and looking at the scenery at the hilltop.

I spent the rest of my time eating and shopping in Taipei. How I wish I could doggy bag all the food back to Singapore. All the binging have made me fat, I'm trying so hard to lose weight now. But bring me backz to Taiwan anytime!~~


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