Sunday, April 29, 2007

Doughnuts Galore!!

I finally tried the doughnuts from Doughtnut Factory. In case there are still people who don't know where is Doughnut Factory, let me tell you where is it. It's this little shop tuck away in the MarketPlace at the Basement 1 of Raffles City. If you can't locate the shop, just look out for the queue. Actually the shop has been there since last year and I've been wanting to buy some and try. But the queue deters me from doing so. Thanks to Lois
for queueing 1 hr plus for the doughnuts. It's a pleasure to meet Louise
for the 1st time too. Overseas visitors always thrills me, I hope there are more to come.

P.S : The Doughnut Factory opens abt 12:30 pm but the queue starts to form around 11am

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lace and Bobble Cardigan

I finally took a pic of my long completed lace and bobble cardigan, courtesy of Cindy. It was completed last month but I shall take it as Mother's Day present. The lace is a simple 12 row repeat and the entire cardigan is work in a single piece meaning no set in sleeves. Great for people who hates seaming sleeves. The sleeves turn out to be a bit baggy even though I followed the instructions. I also omitted the bobbles from the bodice because I think bobbles on the entire cardigan is too OTT (over the top) but the bobbles does give a nice finishing to the ribbing. This is a free pattern from the Debbie Bliss website but I don't think the pattern is there anymore cos everytime she comes out with new books, a new pattern will be uploaded.

Pattern : Debbie Bliss Lace and Bobble Cardigan
Yarn : Less than 3.5 balls of sirdar breeze
Needle : 4mm and 3.75mm for ribbing

Another interesting thing I've learnt when knittng this cardigan is ribbing around the corners. I don't know how to put it in plain english, maybe a picture would say a thousand words

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Jolly green me

I just came back from the Spotlight sale. It really makes a world of difference when you go in the morning, there's plenty of colours to choose from you can avoid the horrendous queue in the late afternoon and evening. Spotted at Spotlight was Cleckheaton's new yarn Merino Spun, Cocoon, Country Silk, Studio Mohair and Panda StarShine. And there's many colour for their house brand wool. They've got some tweed as well although not say great. I've got myself some lovely mint green and pale green yarns, and the lovely muddy lilac chunky yarn. Think I'm in a green mood today.

And since I'm posting here. I deicided to be more hardworking and upload my Japan trip pics as well.